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2 responses to “Really Open University

  1. Hey,
    There is going to be a week long reclaimation of an area of Leeds City Centre that has major plans for redevelopment and gentrifiation. Huge amounts of money is being poured into more private companies while many suffer drastic cuts.
    In this space we will be holding discussions, workshops, films, and info points.
    This will take place from the 6-12the December.

    I have talked to a few of you…would you lot like to do a workshop on an aspect of the really open university? or replicate a workshop that was part of reimagine the univeristy.

    Get in contact,

  2. This is so wonderful! I wish I were closer — will be participating with you in spirit from the US. I would be very interested to read about your discussions and ideas during the event! Also, I would be very interested to hear thoughts on a recent and highly publicized book by two sociologists of education on learning in college. I have drafted a review of it here:
    but really I am just hoping for discussion and hoping that this study does not set the tone for dialogue on imagining what could be at the university (because what they imagine looks a lot like an even more formally rationalized version of the status quo).
    Thanks so much!!

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