Friday (26th)

Italian Wave – 11-12pm
Occupied Space-
Micheal Sadler building
In this session we will hear a report from recent education struggles in Italy. What commonalities and what differences do they have with struggles here in England? What can we learn from them?

Logic of Occupation – 2-3pm
Occupied Space- Micheal Sadler building
We will be exploring the political importance of seizing space and reclaiming it for our own ends. What sort of possibilities do occupations open up for both resistive and affirmative politics?

Pedagogies of Resistance – 3-4pm
Parkinson B.08

This workshop explores the role of education in shaping the anti-capitalist politics of three Latin America social movements. We ask what these experiences mean in a time when our own education is in crisis.

University of Utopia – 3-5pm
Parkinson B.09

The University of Utopia invites you to join their institution and develop the university as a social form, transforming the ‘knowledge society’ into the ‘knowing society.’ We will discuss what this means and how we’ll do it.

Counter Mapping – 4-6pm
Geography 144

By counter-mapping the university, we hope to depict, where we are (especially in light of the recent cuts and Browne Review), where we came from, and where we wish to go, putting ourselves on the map, and imagining our way out…

Off with the REF! – 5-7pm
Geography Lecture Theatre

This panel and participatory discussion explores how metric systems have been responsible for creating a condition of ‘academic unfreedom’, where teaching and research have come to be dominated by the market.

Where next for the transformation? – TBC\

At the close of the ‘Reimagine the Uni’ event, we must come together to explore where next for the transformation of the university? How do we work together to create a different future?

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