Wednesday (24th)

National Walkout – 11am

Weds 24th is  a natioanl day of action against education cuts. part of that action is a walkout of students, staff adn school pupils accross the country. In Leeds the walkout is timed to begin at 11am. At 12.30 we will be assembling at the Parkinson Steps (University of Leeds) / Outside the Library (LMU) to march to town.

Opening event w/ Mikael Arfur – 3-5pm
Roger Stevens LT 22

The Really Open University & Mikael Arfur open the ‘Reimagine the University’ event! Join us

Gainful Unemployment – 5.30-7.30pm
Packhorse Pub, Upstairs

A skills share workshop exploring practical suggestions for using our talents outside of the workplace, especially as we face the highest graduate unemployment rates in recent history.

There’s Power in a Union – 6pm
ARC Mt. Room 2
It is time to reject the divide-and-rule techniques in the workplace. We need united and effective unionism in education, without it there can be no reimagined university.

Calais: S’Informer – 6pm
Peanut Gallery, LUU

Films and talks about asylum.

Beyond Commodified Education – 6-8pm
Broadcasting House CCBPA312

Discussing alternatives both to our current universities and cation in general.

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